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This website once hosted a replica Chanel watch outlet owned and operated by sellers of fake Chanel watches.

Pursuant to an order resulting from a lawsuit against the former owners of the replica watch online shop, 2010 REPLICA WATCHES, the website has been shut down as an outlet selling fake Chanel watches. The Judgment and Injunction of a U.S. District Court held the former replica shop owners and operators to have been selling illegal products. For genuine CHANEL merchandise, please visit, the official CHANEL website, and any of the CHANEL boutiques.

CHANEL J12 watch not replica H1632


How appreciative we can be for the year 2000, when CHANEL had just launched the J12 watch.

It has been many years now since the first black, then a few years later the first white, ceramic J12 appeared to enchant us with their beauty. A decade later in 2011, the titanium ceramic material gave way to a brand new color for the J12 Chromatic. The miraculousness of the CHANEL watchmaker continues to amaze till this very moment in time. Timeless.

The incredible enduring acclaim that the J12 received appears to have incited replica producers and sellers to wriggle in to take advantage of a chance to criminally try make a profit. Chanel J12 watch replicas have been seen on the internet, so if you really want to have a J12 of your own, be sure to avoid suspicious or debatable online shops that offer deals, discounts or sales on luxury watches for a ridiculously low price some with codes and coupons. It is best to shop at the CHANEL boutiques.

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