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This website once hosted a replica Chanel watch outlet owned and operated by sellers of fake Chanel watches.

Pursuant to an order resulting from a lawsuit against the former owners of the replica watch online shop, 2010 REPLICA WATCHES, the website has been shut down as an outlet selling fake Chanel watches. The Judgment and Injunction of a U.S. District Court held the former replica shop owners and operators to have been selling illegal products. For genuine CHANEL merchandise, please visit, the official CHANEL website, and any of the CHANEL boutiques.

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Crime groups and criminals constantly look for the most lucrative way to make money to support the funding of further crimes. The international trade in counterfeit consumer goods, such as fake Chanel watches, are among the illicit money-making activities pursued by criminal organizations. Intellectual property laws, customs regulations, and cybercrime initiatives are ignored by criminals, and the consequences of their crimes are often regarded by criminals as minor. As long as the production, marketing, and sales of replica watches, or other fake products, bring in profits, crimes such as trafficking and terrorism will continue to be paid for.

The replica industry does not affect just the consumer who got duped into buying a fake, in an isolated incident. It affects just about everything and everyone. It is absolutely crucial for everyone to realize that the only way to make a difference in helping to stop crime is to completely ignore replica products and avoid them every way possible.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are said to be the biggest shopping days of the year. At this time, every shopper can be found scouring the internet for deals. And fake Chanel watch sellers know that. Criminal enterprises market their counterfeit products on all platforms, on social media, email, and various modes of pop-up ads.

If you want to take a stand against crime, don't buy the replica and buy the authentic.

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